Saturday, May 18, 2013

Film Shoot at Hanover Junction, PA 9MAY13

   With a profound interest in American History, I'm often working on documentaries. The latest project is on the Northern Central Railway. Since I wrote this part of the script, I guess I can quote what I'm saying in the top-hatted segments.  The first one is about the origins of the NCR:

   "The Baltimore & Susquehanna Railroad was a predecessor of the Northern Central Railway.  On the Eighth of August, 1829, the cornerstone was laid with great ceremony and Irish immigrant laborers began construction of the line from Baltimore.  In typical Irish fashion, they worked hard and drank hard creating controversy in the local communities along the way."
The "talking-head" segments are often short clips meant to fill in what is spoken by the narrator.  Another clip is about Abraham Lincoln's connection to the Hanover Junction Station:

   "Passing through the Station on the 18th and 19th of November of 1863, Abraham Lincoln went and returned from his famous Gettysburg Address.  On April 25, 1865, Lincoln's Funeral Train passed here." 

Another short clip fills in about the current history of the Hanover Junction Station:

"A project to restore the Hanover Junction Railway to its 1863 appearance was completed in 2001."
   This is a view of one of the set-up from the porch of the Hanover Junction Station. We were granted permission to get up on the porch of the station for the filming of some cut-aways. These are scenes that are shot to fill in the gaps and make smoother transitions for other scenes. 
This photo is one of the out-takes from the photo shoot that I was doing at the same time as the film shoot. (I'm always multi-tasking). You can see the photo that I picked for - the mobile-ready website that I maintain for Steam Into History.  I chose the vertical format for the mobile-ready site because I liked the way the converging lines of trees draw the viewer into the photo. The vertical format also gives a focus to the rail line, itself. With the tracks curving around the bend, it makes you want to go around there to see more.

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