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Raid on the Northern Central Railway - Scenes filmed 11MAY13

On Saturday, 11 May 2013, reenactors and civilian actors gathered to film a re-creation of the Confederate raid on the Northern Central Railroad station of June 1863. Rain was predicted all day, but it held off until the shoot was finished. Scenes included civilians at the station and the telegrapher.  The telegrapher was captured by the Confederates to prevent him from warning other stations along the line. 

In this photo, the civilians are being briefed about their parts in the film. On the far right, seated on the bench, is John Riggle. John, who is an Executive Producer of the film was General Manager of two television station, including WPMT, FOX Channel 43 (Harrisburg, Lebanon, Lancaster, PA).

While the civilians were going through their roles, the Confederate Cavalry and the Pennsylvania Militia line up for their safety instructions and roll-call. Facing each other for this line up presaged the skirmish activity that was to be filmed later on.

The Pennsylvania Militia moved their line over to the southern grounds of Hanover Junction Station. They "stacked arms" so that they could pull them apart for the filming. I am portraying an Assistant Surgeon of the Pennsylvania Militia. Assistant Surgeon is the rank of an entry-level doctor that would be assigned to tend to the needs of the troops.

On my right, I am carrying a medical haversack, that contains various medicines, bandages, tourniquets and a triage kit. In the case of a wound that cause a bone to be shattered, the tourniquet would control venous and arterial circulation to an extremity while the wounded soldier would be transported to the rear.

On my left is an over-sized, kidney-shaped tin canteen that would carry enough water to minister to the needs of the wounded - as well as myself.  Below the canteen is an officer's haversack containing three days rations (food) for me to eat while on the march.  A plate, knife, fork and spoon, a tiny New Testament, pencils, paper and other personal effects are in there, too.

The belt is a reproduction Pennsylvania Militia Officer's two-part belt. It is similar to the one that General George Gordon Meade wore while commanding the Army of the Potomac at the Battle of Gettysburg, 1, 2 and 3 July 1863.

Notice that my officer's sack coat is longer than the infantry sack coat worn by the Pennsylvania Militia enlisted men. The shoulder boards that I am wearing are gold outlined with plain green in the center, indicating my rank of Assistant Surgeon. 

This is the view of the view from the infantry line as they form up, facing the Confederate Calvary. The Hanover Junction Station is to the left. The platform that we are athwart is the same platform that will be used by passengers on the Steam Into History excursions, starting June 2, 2013.
This is the imposing facade of the Hanover Junction Station from the Confederate Calvary perspective. This is the train station that Abraham Lincoln passed on his way to and from the dedication of the soldier's cemetery at Gettysburg, where he delivered his Gettysburg Address, in November 1863. His remains also passed here onboard the Funeral Train that carried his body back to Springfield.

In the History Channel production, Stealing Lincoln's Body, I portrayed Terrence Mullins, one of the men who tried to take Lincoln's body out of the gravesite in Springfield and hold it for ransom in 1876. See the Internet Movie Database listing at Stealing Lincoln's Body

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