Monday, July 15, 2013

Steam Into History Video

The Steam Into History project has produced a working, full-sized replica of a Civil War steam locomotive as used on the Northern Central Railway. This locomotive is now at work hauling excursion trains between New Freedom and Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania. It is a sight to behold. This beautifully painted locomotive hauls passenger cars in the 1800's style through the rolling hills of  Pennsylvania countryside in York County.
Various entertainment is brought in to engage the passengers with stories or music about life in these United States during the American Civil War. I will be performing on excursions on the following dates:

July 26 - 9am, 12pm and 3pm
July 28 - 12pm and 3pm
August 11 - 12 and 3pm
August 24 - 12 and 3pm

You can make reservations at

I have also worked on the video contributing music and providing narration. I even wrote part of the script. Please share this link with your friends and get the word out about the wonderful project.

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