Sunday, August 25, 2013

Steaming Into History on a Beautiful Day

It was gorgeous weather for the Sunday, August 25, 2013 excursions on the Northern Central Railway.  Both excursions sold out, so it is very important to purchase your tickets online before you come to New Freedom, PA to ride the trains.
One of my favorite places to ride is on the platform. Since, as the singer, I am train crew, I can get away with that.  It's fun to get a hobo's view of York County, Pennsylvania, going past my feet. Maybe I can talk Campbell Scale Models into making a "Kent Courtney with guitar" figure to add to HO model train platforms.  Their Weston figures have always been favorites of mine.  I have a collection of them.
Our train trips have enjoyed wonderful success.  Labor Day excursions will probably sell out early on, so grab your tickets online at

I'll be on the train excursions singing on Labor Day, so I'll see you then!!!

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